can customized all kinds of different material in compressed spring, extension spring, torsion spring, shaped spring,etc. As top china metal spring suppliers,Pls contact us via [email protected] if you have need for springs manufacturing solution!
Tension Spring

Center Pressure Tension Springs With Round Shackle

The round shackle presses the center tension spring, which is made by bending the end spring coil. The spring shackle is located at the center line ...

Connected Extension Springs With Round Shackle

The connected round shackle extension spring is formed by bending and twisting the spring coil at the end of the spring to the center, and high ...

SWC Adjustable Tension Spring

In order to reduce stress concentration, a structure with additional shackles, such as an adjustable tension spring, can be used. Put a cylinder with ...

Extension Spring With Swivel Shackle

In order to reduce the stress concentration, an additional structure with a swivel shackle extension spring, such as an adjustable extension spring, ...

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