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We set relevant standards for our products and services, benefiting and gaining recognition from our customers over many years of practice.

Timeliness Standard Of Custom Metal Springs

  • Quotation: standard parts will be quoted within 2 hours; customized parts will be given feedback to customers within 2 hours, and the quotation will be completed within 24-48 hours;
  • Delivery: Standard parts have different delivery times depending on spring type, material and specification. But in general, more than 80% of the spring standard parts are delivered within 24 hours as promised by our company; the customized parts are delivered within the promised delivery time, and the timely delivery rate is over 95%.

Shipping Document Standards Of Custom Metal Springs

Standard parts shipments provide packing lists and compliance certificates by default;

  • Material certificate, test report, packing list and compliance certificate are provided by default for customized parts shipment
  • The material certificate, first inspection report and inspection report (final inspection) of each batch of standard parts or customized parts can be inquired and downloaded on our official website by the batch number on the label of the packaging bag.

Raw Material Standard Of Custom Metal Springs

Our company strictly controls the quality of raw materials, and the materials used must meet the following international standards,

  • Piano wire: in line with American ASTM A228 standard, German DIN 17223 standard, British BS 5216 standard, European Union EN 10270-1 standard, Japanese JIS G 3522 standard or GB/T 4358 standard
  • Stainless steel: in line with American ASTM A313 standard, German DIN 17224 standard, British BS 2056, European Union EN 10270-3, Japanese JIS G 4314 standard or GB/T24588 standard;
  • Alloy steel: in line with American ASTM A401 standard, German DIN 17223 standard, British BS 2803 standard, European Union EN 10270-2 standard, Japanese JIS G 3561 standard or GB/T18983 standard;

Production Process Standard Of Custom Metal Springs

-The process requirements for the core production process follow the following international standards

  • Galvanized: Comply with ASTM B633 standard
  • Hydrogen embrittlement treatment: in line with ASTM B633 standard
  • Nickel plating: meet ASTM B764 standard;
  • Electroless Nickel Plating: Meets ASTM B733 Standard;
  • Surface passivation: meet ASTM A967 standard;
  • Salt spray test: meet ASTM B177 standard;

Tolerance Standard Of Custom Metal Springs

For spring standard parts and custom spring parts without special requirements from customers, our company refers to the secondary accuracy in the following international standards:

  • Compression spring: DIN2095 (Germany) BS1726-1 (UK)
  • Extension spring: DIN2097(Germany) BS1726-2(UK)
  • Torsion spring: DIN2194 (Germany) BS1726-3 (UK)

Be-Cu Spring is one of the leading metal spring manufacturers which is specialized in producing, designing, supplying, exporting, custom springs service. We can do production or design according to customer’s requirements with much more experiences than expected.

Always put customer value first. No cutting corners, no breaking promises. The manufacturing of metal springs is not only our work but also our career and life.



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