can customized all kinds of different material in compressed spring, extension spring, torsion spring, shaped spring,etc. As top china metal spring suppliers,Pls contact us via sale[email protected] if you have need for springs manufacturing solution!
Torsion Spring

Metal Spring For Mobile Phone Holder

At present, mobile phone brackets on the market are equipped with springs in two brackets that can generate relative displacement, and are placed on ...

Straight Arm Torsion Springs

Straight arm torsion spring, also known as simple torsion in the industry, can be seen from the name of the name that this spring is relatively ...

Single-Arm Bending Torsion Springs

The single-arm bending torsion spring, on the basis of the straight-arm torsion spring, adds a straight line at the end of the straight arm, and the ...

In-Line Double Torsion Spring

Compared with the torsion spring with the same outer diameter, the spring of this structure can obtain twice the deformation in a few breaths, that ...

Combination Double Torsion Spring

Combination double torsion springs, two identical torsion springs assembled together, springs that work at the same time. Compared with two straight ...

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Metal Spring