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Compression Spring

Pressure Relief Valve Spring

The pressure reducing valve is a type of fully automatic valve, which is a type of regulating valve. It is a throttle valve that uses the opening and ...

Spring Locating Pins For Mold Accessories

Locating pins are the most widely used in molds. Including stamping molds, injection molds and so on. Their precision is very high, and if it is only ...

Beryllium Copper Precision Springs For Probe

The spring probe needle material is generally selected as Becu or SK. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Becu has good conductivity, but lacks ...

Variable Pitch Compression Spring

Variable pitch compression springs can be used to replace tower springs or unequal pitch cylindrical compression springs. Variable pitch compression ...

304 Stainless Steel Toy Conical Compression Spring

Conical compression springs are typically specified where the large end is used to work in the hole and the small end is used to work on the rod. ...

Stainless Steel Flat Wire Spring

OEM Stainless Steel Flat Wire Spring Shop

Rectangular Compression Spring

A rectangular compression spring is an open coil spring that resists axially applied compression. Compression springs are the most common metal ...

Stainless Steel Special-Shaped Switch Spring

Since its establishment, Pintejin has been committed to the development and manufacture of high-quality precision springs. The products of ...

500° High Temperature Pressure Spring

500 degree high temperature pressure spring, the spring is used for automobile exhaust parts. When the car is running, the tail temperature is as ...

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