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Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Alloy Closing Circlip

The more commonly used shaft clamps (STW) and hole clamps (RTW), the domestic mainland production mainly uses 65MN spring steel.

Stainless Steel Alloy Split Circlip

The circlip is also called a retaining ring or a retaining ring, which belongs to a type of fastener. It is installed in the shaft groove or hole ...

Metal Spring For Mobile Phone Holder

At present, mobile phone brackets on the market are equipped with springs in two brackets that can generate relative displacement, and are placed on ...

Spring Locating Pins For Mold Accessories

Locating pins are the most widely used in molds. Including stamping molds, injection molds and so on. Their precision is very high, and if it is only ...

Cnc Turning Stainless Steel Flat Square Shaft

The CNC turning machine has a structural layout designed according to the characteristics of the latest CNC machine tools. The bed is inclined at ...

Stainless Steel Constant Force Clockwork Spring

The constant force spring is made of stainless steel strip, and the high-strength steel strip is shaped by special production spring equipment. When ...

Special Non-Standard Embedded Stainless Steel Nuts

After heating, it can be melted into the reserved hole of the plastic or directly pressed into the reserved hole of the plastic part, and the plastic ...

Punching Special-Shaped Spring Sheet

Shaped spring is the main process equipment for industrial production. With the development of modern industrial products and the improvement of ...

Special Shape Spring Lock Pin

Customized Stainless Steel Spring Temper Spare Stamping Parts Contact now OEM Special Shape Spring Temper Round Wire Forms Contact now

304 Stainless Steel Toy Conical Compression Spring

Conical compression springs are typically specified where the large end is used to work in the hole and the small end is used to work on the rod. ...

Stainless Steel Flat Wire Spring

OEM Stainless Steel Flat Wire Spring Shop

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